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Monday 1st July 201912:15Foodcycle
Tuesday 2nd July 201914:30Tuesday Fellowship
Guest Speaker Ann Tooth
Thursday 4th July 201918:30FIZZ
Friday 5th July 201910:00Toddlers & Co
Sunday 7th July 201910:00Sunday Service
Monday 8th July 201912:15Foodcycle
Thursday 11th July 201910:30Thursday Lunch Club
Friday 12th July 201910:00Toddlers & Co
Saturday 13th July 201919:00THE POINT
Youth Event
Sunday 14th July 201910:00Sunday Service
15:00Interfaith Event: The Sultan & The Saint
18:30No Sunday Evening Service
Monday 15th July 201912:15Foodcycle
Thursday 18th July 201918:30FIZZ
Friday 19th July 201910:00Toddlers & Co
Sunday 21st July 201910:00Sunday Service
Monday 22nd July 201912:15Foodcycle
Sunday 28th July 201910:00Sunday Service
18:30Sunday Evening Service
Monday 29th July 201912:15Foodcycle
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