School of Philosophy
1st July 2017
The School of Philosophy, Cambridge have organised a new series of monthly talks and discussions in Central Park.

Whilst not specifically Christian, there have been many great Christian Philosophers so these talks could provide some interesting and challenging opportunities for debate.

Where: Buttercross Tearooms, Central Park, Peterborough **

When: First Saturday of each month

Time: 10am until about noon.

The Buttercross Tearooms provide a friendly and comfortable surrounding for the meetings which start at 10am and finish at around noon with a break halfway. The park is just 10 minutes walk from the town centre and parking is free in Park Crescent, PE1 4DY

Monthly topics as follows:

September Is it real or is it an illusion?

October What part do good relationships play in a successful life?

November Letting go of the past

December What does it mean to be spiritual?

January** What would life be without any concept of time?

February The power of attraction

March The purpose of life

April The role of love in business

May What is love?

June Immortality-would it be good to live forever?

July Freedom – how can we achieve it?

August Do you jump to conclusions?

** Except January when a difference venue will be advised nearer the time.

For more information please Email: or call 0845 450 3688


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