Praying Together for Peace and Compassion
8th March 2017
Praying Together for Peace and Compassion - 8th Feb


Peterborough InterFaith Council will be holding a celebration of the city’s diverse faith community at Peterborough Cathedral on Wednesday 8th February, at 7pm.

Schools in the city have been working with representatives of various faith groups this term to learn more about the religious beliefs and practices of people living in Peterborough. Each school was linked with a faith group and worked with them to produce something that they will show on the evening.

For example, students from Marshfields School have been working with the Peterborough Liberal Jewish Community. They will be performing a song called Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu, which means “Peace will come upon us, yet” It’s a song written by Mosh Ben Ari and is sung in Hebrew and Arabic. It has come to be seen as symbolizing peace and an end to conflict.

Other schools in the city, including the Iqra Academy, John Fisher Catholic High School and St Augustine’s CofE Junior School, have worked with the Roman Catholic, Islamic and Hindu faiths.

Dr Jaspal Singh, Chair of the Peterborough InterFaith Council (PIFC), said:

“PIFC has been organising a United Nations Children’s Day celebration at Peterborough Cathedral for over 20 years. More recently PIFC, in conjunction with Peterborough Cathedral, has linked schools with faith groups to perform at the celebration. This gives the opportunity for understanding more about each other’s faith and culture at an early stage.”

All are welcome to attend the celebration, which will be followed by refreshments. A collection will be taken and donated to Peterborough Cathedral.


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