Next Peterborough Chaplaincy Forum - 10th October Chaplainc
10th October 2017
19:30- 21:00
Next Peterborough Chaplaincy Forum - 10th October


If you are involved with or have an interest in Chaplaincy in the Peterborough area then this twice yearly forum meeting is one for your diary.

When: Tuesday 10th October

Time: 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Where: Westgate New Church (rear of Christian Bookshop)

The meeting aims to bring chaplains together from all walks of life so that their shared knowledge and experiences can benefit the wider Peterborough community. The meeting is also attended by representatives from Peterborough City Council so that the secular and church communities can work together.

There is much to tell at this meeting with the exciting restart of Cambridgeshire Workplace Chaplains. The inaugural service for this relaunched ministry will take place at St. Andrews Street Baptist Church, Cambridge, at 4.00pm on Sunday 24th September. Anyone who wishes to come along would be most welcome

If there is anything of particular concern that you would like to have discussed that could do with some preparation please let Paul Ballard know in good time via his contact details below, however, as usual, there will be space for anyone to bring up matters that are of interest or news.

For further information please contact Paul Ballard. Email:


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