What to expect at a Sunday morning service

In the main service:

  • ‚Äča casual and friendly atmosphere
  • Sunday morning services that last just over an hour and evening services of around an hour
  • thought-provoking messages based on the Bible
  • prayer time, some prayers are spoken out loud, others are done silently
  • live worship music
  • traditional organ music (usually Sunday morning services)
  • a collection - bags are passed around the congregation, giving is entirely voluntary

For your family

We provide children and young people with age-appropriate, culturally relevant teaching.  Your child will hear about God's word and learn how to apply it to their lives.  

  • a Creche for under 3 years
  • a 4 - 7 years group call Sparklers
  • a 8 - 11 years group called FIZZ
  • and an 11+ group called Crazy TOFFS

All adults who work with children are DBS checked.

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